Popeye or Wimpy: Fitness and Functionality on a WFPB Lifestyle and Eating Healthy on the Road (How Not to Die program series)

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The third in the four part How Not to Die program series

Presenters Del and Teri started this journey about 6 years ago after watching Forks Over Knives and reading The China Study.  Even though they were already attending classes regularly at the Y, they quickly felt improvement and all areas of physical activity. They stay fit by running marathons, ultras, Ragnar relays and cycling (RAGBRAI).  Del received medical validation when he went from taking 8 medications a day to needing none over several months.  In addition to Teri’s work travel of 12-14 weeks a year, they also enjoy visiting any destination with an opportunity to explore the area with a running event or cycling on the bike trails.  Since whole food plant-based food is not readily available in most cities or off most highways (on road trips), they’ve discovered delicious ways to keep this healthy eating lifestyle even when they are away from home.

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