Alexander Hamilton: Immigrant, Patriot, Visionary -- Gilder Lehrman Exhibit

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Program Type: Exhibit, History
Age Group: Teens, Adults, Families, Everyone


Delve beyond the popular musical rendition of this prominent American to learn more about the actual man.  This traveling exhibit is part of the library's "It's Showtime at your Library!"  summer reading program an  is on loan to the library courtesy of The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

This exhibition is funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation. It examines Hamilton’s important role in the Revolutionary War and Founding period. More than any other founder, Hamilton foresaw the way we live now. In his Federalist Papers he advocated ratification of the Constitution, as treasury secretary, he oversaw the adoption of a national currency, and as an economist, he recognized the importance of trade and commerce in building a strong nation.